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Approximately 80% of Americans experience back pain at some point during their lives and around 15% of adults with chronic pain report neck pain in any given year. If you have pain in your back or neck, especially if it’s preventing you from your regular hobbies, make an appointment at Denali Medical Center in Bountiful, Utah. The team of medical providers offers patient-focused alternative treatments such as RenuO2 injections to not only relieve painful symptoms but also heal the underlying condition causing your pain. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today to learn more.

Neck & Back Pain Q & A

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What causes neck and back pain?

Your spine supports your body and protects the nerves that send critical messages between your brain and body. You rely on your spine every day to stand and move, and unfortunately, whether you spend the workday sitting at a desk or have a more physical job, you’re at risk of injuring your back or neck due to either a chronic overuse condition or an acute injury.

For example, if you have a physical career such as nursing that requires you to be on your feet all day and lift and move patients, you could injure your back by lifting a patient incorrectly. Similarly, if you’re slumped at a desk all day, poor posture can eventually take its toll on both your neck and your back.

Another prevalent cause of neck pain is our increasing reliance on smartphones. On average, American adults spend around four hours a day with their heads tilted down looking at their smartphones. The whole weight of your head pulls on your neck when you do this, straining your muscles and eventually leading to pain and stiffness.

How is the cause of my neck or back pain diagnosed?

At Denali Medical Center, your provider offers a comprehensive consultation to identify the cause of your neck or back pain. They talk to you about your symptoms, lifestyle, and medical history before performing a physical exam.

Your provider feels your spine for signs of abnormalities, swelling, or inflammation. Your provider may also guide you through some movements and stretches to gauge your pain and mobility.

How are neck and back treated?

The team at Denali Medical Center provides customized treatments that address not just your neck or back pain, but also the condition causing it. They often prescribe RenuO2 oxygenated vitamin injections, which not only trigger your body’s healing response but also flood your damaged tissue with the vitamins and nutrients critical to cell regeneration. RenuO2 is noninvasive and virtually risk-free.

RenuO2 injections encourage your body’s natural healing response by stimulating a temporary, mild inflammation. Your provider delivers an injection of water or saline that’s been infused with oxygen and nutrients to flood your painful joint with everything it needs to generate new cells and heal the injury or condition causing your pain.

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